Vote For Mitch - Student Body Office

Sit back and relax ladies because you are in for a special treat today. I will forewarn you that this post has nothing to do with furniture or home decor. But you will not want to miss this because someday this kid is going to be on tv. I would like to introduce you to my nephew Mitch who has decided to run for student body office.

At Centennial Junior High this is no true campaigning. No poster board signs hanging in the halls repeating "Vote For Me!" No shirts or pins made. No skits or passing out fliers. It all lies in the hands of a video.

Mitch is in 8th grade and a good kid. He makes good choices, has good friends, is on the school basketball team, plays football and baseball, likes golf and tennis, and goes to church every Sunday. But this kid is a goof I tell ya! I had to share his video with each of you because it all speaks for itself and because it makes me laugh and if it only makes you smile well that makes for the start of a good day. I leave you with the words of my sister. "I don't know where this kid came from."

Vote for Mitch for SBO.

Please note: Mitch does not typically wear a sweat band on his head, tank tops, short shorts, and a fur coat. Just a little disclaimer there.

You got my vote Mitch!


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LaizyLilly said...

ROFLBO!!! Mitch should have his own sitcom! LOL

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