Summer Weekend Finds

I found some great finds over the weekend. Wahoo! The first up is this little basket. Crazy I know. It almost looks like it caught fire at one time so I chalk that up to adding character. Look at the wood posts on the side. Absolutely love those. Then I found this book. But not just any book. This book was donated to my elementary school back in 1959 which was long long before I got there. It is marked Adelaide Elementary Room 1. Then I found these two small pictures in vintage golden frames. Lucky for me someone had set them down in the wrong aisle and I happened to walk by and see them amongst items completely unrelated. I was not in love with one of the pictures so I swapped it out. Then I found this terracotta trio. I already had the flowers at home so this this was an easy one! I love wire baskets so this was a great find!
And lastly we have been eating a ton of these rootbeer popsicles. We sit out on the porch and try to cool off while our little one goes rolly polly hunting (potato bugs). Each one she catches is in her words "so cute"!
And one last find is this old butterfly net.
Is it not just the best! It does not sit here for long. Our little one has found various uses for it . . . such as catching people.

Next up is a super old buffet that we are refinishing for a client we met with last week. Plus I had a very talented friend leave something for me on my doorstep last night. I cannot wait to show you!

Hope you are enjoying your summer!


Katie Bell said...

Once upon a time I went to an estate sale and saw an old hard back edition of Pride and Prejudice. I snatched it up lightning fast and then realized I had one at home. I put it back down and walked away. I drove home along a tree lined street and arrived to my home and perused my overflowing book shelf. I did NOT have one. Tragic, tragic.

Kacey said...

Great finds! I love that basket - and that old book - that terracotta trio - and that butterfly net. Ok, I love it all! Darling photo of your daughter - those eyelashes! Oh my!

Hope those popcicles are helping you keep cool. I don't think anything helps (except A/C!) here when it's 110...

Chelsea said...

The butterfly net rocks! Wow! I can't wait to see it in person. :)

Leslie said...

Cant believe you found that book. THat is meant to be I think. And can Faith please come catch me in that butterfly catcher.

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