The Wheeler Bedroom Set

This is what Mike is currently refinishing and it is going to be beautiful. This bedroom set includes a long dresser, a tall dresser / armoire, nightstand, and a big huge elegant mirror. It came to use in near perfect shape without any blemishes. The tall dresser / armoire will provide for tons of storage. It has three drawers and organizers behind two doors.
Here is a quick peak of the nightstand. The set is chunky which is so popular right now. We debated all weekend about this makeover and landed with the classic black because it seems to be our most popular finish right now and what is requested the most. We are still picking out new hardware and should have the set complete by as early tomorrow!
It is kind of hard to see in this picture but this is the mirror. In the reflection are future projects - three vintage dressers. Hopefully those will see a new coat of paint in the next few weeks.

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And for those of you who have left comments
we say
thank you, thank you!
We want to know what we can do better
want to keep doing what we are doing right!
Thanks all.


Katie Bell said...

Wishing my name were Wheeler, then we would be related, and we could live in the same house, maybe even the same bedroom...does this make me sound like I'm from Arkansas?

The Meurers said...

The set looks amazing! Great job.

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