The Great Picture Debate Continues

For those of you who may not know about the great picture debate - here it is briefly.

I have THIS picture hanging on a wall.

And I love it.

And Mike . . . not so much.

We had a super busy weekend picking up new furniture, meeting with our realtor, clients picking up finished pieces and such. But Mike was not too busy to put this together.

As I was walking by a side table I noticed this peeking around the clock.

Mike and our little one had been reading books - Little Hiawatha to be exact and this is where it ended up.
Do you see a resemblence to my picture above because he sure did.
Much to his chagrin this one is no longer on display. Not because of me.
But because our little one could not understand why Dad had put her book up there and she wanted it back.
And so she got her way.
The End.

Mike is working on an amazing bedroom set consisting of a long dresser and mirror, a nightstand, and an armoire filled with drawers and doors. It is going to be beautiful!
And then he will be working on an antique buffet and a tall five drawer dresser. We have a busy week ahead.

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Happy Monday all!


Lindsay Logic said...

:) Hey- at least you've still got it hanging up! My husband calls my new room "The bird cage room" I don't even care. I like it. lol

Leslie said...

Oh that is hilarious. That looks just like your painting. I agree with you on the picture. It is awesome.

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