The Lucas Entertainment Center

I am loving what my husband did with this makeover! He worked his magic and turned an old hutch into an entertainment center. One of my favorite things about this piece is the doors sit out a bit further than the two side pieces. I love the depth it provides. The crown molding at the top does this as well which really provides a beautiful framing for the tv.

I also love my two side tables. These were my grandmother's and she slid two of them together to make a little dresser. We painted them white and set them on both sides of the couch. I love the height and the storage! They are very very simple structurally but I love the curved framing around the bottom.

Today Mike is picking up another hutch. We are working on a cream colored custom hutch as well as meeting with another great client on a bedroom set for her daughter. We have a busy week ahead and thanks to everyone for that!


Leslie said...

Oh I love that. I can't believe how he did that. It's amazing!

Mirien said...

I don't blame you for keeping it--it's one of my favorite transformations yet! The before and after pictures are amazing--I would never have seen the potential. Nice work!

Andry said...
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