The Fisher Hutch - Custom Refinish

It is Wednesday already and it has been a crazy week. Yesterday Mike picked up A-nother hutch! and six chairs and a pedestal round table. We have not yet refinished a dining set so we are excited. The chairs have tons of details.
But first . . . .
the old hutch pictured above. We found this one a while back and it is finally ready to be transformed. We had a client contact us about a cream colored hutch and they felt like this one would work perfectly for them. I love the detail at the top of the doors as well as the decorative wood piece up at the very top (can only see a glimpse of it in the picture).
Happy St. Patrick's Day.
And March Madness starts to-morrow!
I can hardly wait.

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Chelsea said...

Well, I am personally not very excited about March madness... BUT I am ALWAYS excited to check your blog for new items! Loves it!!!

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