The Lucas Hutch Make Over Take 2

Mike and I had priced out a few entertainment centers but could not bring ourselves to make a purchase. So as this hutch sat in our home we grew to love it even more. The makeover of this hutch surprised both of us. When we initially purchased it it was merely the price and the opportunity to have it delivered to us that made it so appealing. Little did we know what gem we really had.
Thus, having no room for another hutch and just not really wanting to let this one go we talked about converting this into an entertainment center and making it our own. And so it began on Saturday evening the makeover number 2. And not but two minutes after Mike started taking off the doors and pulling apart trim we got a text message from a client who had seen the hutch and wondered if it was still available. We could not believe the timing.
Um, no it has not been sold and no it is no longer available. If he had texted us not but two minutes earlier I know we would have let him have it. But alas I guess things work out for a reason and this baby was supposed to stay with us.
It is complete but Mike is still making adjustments on one of the doors so I will show pictures tomorrow. I just love how it turned out.
However, I did not love getting rid of our old one (all but gave it away on KSL to an old friend and co-worker it so turns out) and I did not love getting this one up the stairs. Oh my heaviness! Poor Mike. He has a weak wife. While taking the bottom portion up and around the corner my hand slipped from the bottom of it and the whole base bounced off my arm around five times. Oh my hurtiness! You should see the hematoma oh my arm. Nasty!
I do love my new piece upstairs nestled next to one of my old antique white dressers.
the timing could not be more perfect.
March Madness starts on Thursday
and I am trying to justify taking the day off so Faith and I can watch
P.S. I am dreaming - a 2.5 year old is NOT going to let me watch basketball all day long.
Meanwhile, Mike is working on a dresser and nightstand and we have several other projects lined up. Great things happening!


Leslie said...

Can't wait to see at as an entertainment center. Oh and with your new tv an couches. All you need now is some cadbury eggs.

DW said...

I hope the piece looks as good as an entertainment center - it will make the texter feel better about it, I'm sure. ;)

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