A Collection of Books

I love to find old books. When I first started my collection I came across these Harvard Classics and there were nine volumes of them. I snatched them up and ran home with them. At the time little did I know how hard it would be to find a collection of books again. So if you are ever at a used bookstore or out shopping for old books
and come across something that looks like this. You really should grab them up, pay for them,
home with them
like I did.
Because you just never know if you will have the chance again.

Today Mike is getting started on the little antique dresser making its blue transformation as well as finishing up one of my projects. . . painting my Grandmother's side tables for me. We are picking up new couches today and they will be sitting close to those.

We are also picking up another antique dresser today. And there is a story behind it - I cannot wait to share it. It is a spooky kinda scary story!


Jill said...

I have some VERY VERY old books that I found one time in the dark sccary corner of my Grandma Vhe's basement/cellar. I am proud of them and they are on my bookshelf. I understand this obsession... xoxoxo :)By the Way, thought of you last night when Michael sang, 'This Woman's Work' by Kate Bush on American Idol. Love you.

Lindsay Logic said...

I was at a home decor store the other day, and they have fake books that look like this. I turned to my sisters and said, "I would never buy fake books...even if they look cool!" You're fortunate to have real ones! They're so pretty!

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