The Tenisyn Dresser - Sneak Peak

The dresser behind the jumping dancing Cinderella is this.

Mike and I picked this up last week from an old house that is getting ready to be demolished. The picture that I bought it from was not near as good as it was in person. And that made me very happy! It was a pleasant surprise and I just love those kinds! The man that we purchased it from is cleaning out his grandmother's home and as we talked he mentioned ANOTHER dresser that was upstairs that he would be getting rid of so I asked him if I could take a look at it.
He said yes and we headed back to the house. Little did he mention until he started opening a door that was being blocked by a table that there was no power upstairs and all the windows were boarded up. It was pitch black as we made our way up a narrow and very steep flight of stairs. He had a flash light. I had nothing! I kept thinking "oh my goodness what was I thinking!" I felt like I was going to fall through a floorboard and just hoped there would be an antique fainting couch below me to break my fall! Dramatic huh!
Once we made it to the bedroom he flashed his light on a beautiful old dresser sitting all by itself just waiting to see the light of day. I will rescue you! I made an offer on it and he accepted. We did not have room to pack it up with us on that trip so we made plans and picked it up yesterday.
He mentioned to me that the upstairs portion of the house had been off limits to folks for quite some time and that added to the spooky scariness of it all. Are you kidding me! This gentleman was a big guy. I mean he had some muscle and if it freaked him out going up there can you only imagine how I wanted to turn around and scream like a girl and run back out to my cute hubby and dancing Cinderella!
When we went back to get the dresser yesterday I felt guilty sending my hubby up there to help pull down the dresser. He told me when they started heading up that narrow steep flight of stairs the guy flipped his head light lamp on and took a deep breath and told him how much it freaked him it out going up there. I think it was the same story I had been told last week.
But alas, the dresser is home safe and sound with us now. And I think it is going to be amazing! I will post pictures soon.
Lastly, I asked Mike if it freaked him it out up there.
He said no.
He is so brave and strong. :)


Chelsea said...

All the things you go through in the name of creating beautiful furniture!

Lindsay Logic said...

Scary! The dancing Cinderella is such a cute addition to the picture!

Leslie said...

great name choice and i amglad you told the story. i kind of want to see the house.

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