The Anderson Bed Set - Custom Refinish Before & After


This is the before picture for a waterfall bedroom set we refinished for a client. Although it was not in too bad of shape it had some surface scratches and dings and the bed was broken.





Now it is sparkling and almost brand new!



The original handles were polished up and carefully placed right back on to maintain its original appearance.



I like the boxy little feet on both the vanity, dresser, and bed. I always say I much prefer feet than a big old dresser sitting directly on the floor. Just the little height above the floor gives a much more polished look.



We hope that our client is happy with the results as this piece is sentimental and they had a desire to restore it back to its original state when their parents purchased it so many years ago. Perhaps it can continue to be used like it was some years back.


Midwest Cottage said...

As always-BEAUTIFUL JOB! Check out my giveawy I'm having this week.

Renewed Upon a Dream said...

Wow you did a very good job with this! It looks brand new! Nice work

andrea said...

Great clean up on this... like they were just wheeled out of the 1930s showroom. Just lovely! andrea@townandprairie

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

You do an amazing job of restoration! And that is MUCH more difficult than simply painting a piece.

Amanda Mertz said...

Gorgeous! Totally reminds me of a bedroom set that my grandparents had at their lake house when I was growing up. You did a wonderful job bringing these beauties back to life. TFS!

Heaven's Walk said...

You two are so stinkin' talented!! That set is just amazing!

xoxo laurie

oops! said...

Beautiful! Somethings are better restored than painted! Your so very talented to be able to do both!

Nine Red said...

Very nice! What did you guys do, strip them or sand them?

Joanie Hoffman said...

You guys did a beautiful job. I held my breath until I saw you were restoring the set, not painting it! I have a waterfall bedroom set and don't see how any could cover the finish with paint. But maybe they can't see why I don't. Again, nice job! Happy Monday, Joanie.

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