The American Can Company

It has been a few weeks since introducing you to my new office space and my new window. WhichI still love by the way. And today I am taking you for a walk around the building and showing you some of the history that surrounds me each and every day. This is the current main entrance and the stairs I climb each day. But before these stairs and leather arm chairs rested here this building housed The American Can Company. And I believe you can see the pride on the faces of those who worked here long ago. I believe it is quite clear what they made. Cans! As I made my way down down down down into the basement I felt like I was going somewhere that was off limits. Like it was private property. Yes there was a metal gate I went through and yes I had to open it to go down there but I was assured that I was welcome to go check things out. I saw wooden walls and doors. I saw old industrial elevators and I found names carved into wood with dates stemming back to the early 1900's. I read them and wondered about each story. Every name has a story. This is a window into one of those old elevators. The window is rusted and you can see nothing through it but don't you just want to! Don't you just want to take a peak in the door and know what folks saw years and years ago? I know I do.
What charming pictures of the employees of The American Can Company that now hang on the walls. These folks are dressed in their finest suits and Sunday dresses. You can sense their hardwork and dedication.
So what do I do in this building each and everyday?
Well I am still learning.
That is my main job right now.
To learn a whole new industry and market.
To study trends and seasons.
To analyze revenues and margins.
To know Salomon alpine skis, nordic skis, snowboards, footwear, and apparel
like I did organizational tools in my former career.
I will get there.
Just trying to be patient.


Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures said...

Wow I would love to work there!
What a great place!
Thanks for the tour!
And yes, people did have so much more "pride" back then!

Lori Lucas said...

What an awesome place to work. I was just looking at an old depot on a realtors site today and imagining.....and longing. I am so glad somehow had the foresite at your work place. Good luck! Lori L

Christa @ Stories of a House said...

What a cool building. Those folks look like a great representation of the old-fashioned, hard work ethic that made America great.

Holly Austin said...

The office is stunning! So jealous of your huge, gorgeous window :)

Shannon said...

What a gorgeous work place! It's amazing how much of a mood lifter a pretty workplace is.

NanaDiana said...

Melanie- Good luck and I know that the learning curve seems long and arduous sometimes...but it will all pay off in the end. Hugs-Diana

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i would love to live there, let alone work there! what a great industrial chic space!

Green Briar Goods said...

Love the mix of wood and metal. Great history and glad to see it being preserved. So impressed by your blog and the information you share.

Lindsay Logic said...

I love that they kept so much history in the renovation. To die for! You will do great at your new job, I have no doubts about that!

michelle said...

What a gorgeous building Melanie!! SO much history there and they have kept things up rather well along with adding some newer elements. I am so glad that you still loving it there!
Have a great weekend!

Chelsea said...

SO CoOL! I want a tour.

Allison said...

What a wonderful place to work. The building is filled with so much history, character and charm. Wouldn't it be fun also turned into a living space? I love all of the exposed brick, those gorgeous doors and beams. Thanks for the peek inot your "job"! Have a lovely weekend, Melanie.

Nutbird said...

You work for Salomon! Lucky you! I think I have Salomon bindings. Used to have the skis. Must be nice to be in an historic building instead of a new sterile one.
American Can was a fine old American company. Their corporate headquarters were in Connecticut, but I think they were acquired years ago. We call it "packaging" now. Ann

Anonymous said...

What an awesome space to work from IM SO JEALOUS!

blog designer

Leslie said...

Ok that is really cool! Maybe I will bring you a diet Coke someday so I can take a little peak! That elevator reminds me of the tower of terror! Do u ever feel it might be haunted?

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