Why We Name Our Pieces

I get asked from many people how we name our pieces and why we name our pieces.
Most of our pieces are named after family members and friends. Or if we do a custom project we name it after our client.

So why do we name them? Case in point.

Mike and I had a dialogue that went like this two weeks ago. The setting is this. We had been running around all day picking up different pieces from different places. Needless to say the flatbed trailer was full.
We were talking about what pieces to do next and the rest could be stored at a family member's home. During our journey we had picked up a long frenchy type dresser that would work brilliantly in a child's room because it is rather short. The current finish was sort of that white / cream / yellow that was popular back in the day.

Mike: So what pieces am I taking to your aunts?
Me: Lets leave the desk and the big dresser we are doing for my mom and take the rest over.
Mike: What about the other big dresser.
Me: Which "big" dresser? I don't think we should do that "little" white dresser yet.
Mike: We don't have a white dresser.
Me: Oh we don't?
Mike: No.
Me: Um yes we do. We picked it up at Shay's.
Mike: No we didn't.
Me: You mean to tell me we drove all the way out there and missed that one in the garage?
Mike: I don't know but I did not load a "little" white dresser at Shay's.
At this point in time we are both getting frustrated with each other.
Me: Let's look at the trailer.
I march over to the window.
I look out and I see the "little" white dresser laying there plain as day.
Me: That (I point) that "little"white dresser.
Mike: Oh "THAT" "little" white dresser.
Mike: You didn't lift it. It isn't "little".
Me: Oh.

We name our pieces to have open communication because our perceptions are very different from each other. And that is okay.


Korrie@RedHenHome said...

In the eye of the beholder! Or maybe the arms. ;-) Thanks for sharing your fun story!


What a great idea! We have the same problem at our shop. My husband finds and paints the furniture in our shop, but I'm the one who has contact with the customer. Sometimes when I call him to ask about a certain item we are not on the same page. I realy like the idea of naming each item! Thanks for sharing! ( I only hope neither of us forget the names!!)

Kacey said...

That is hilarious! Maybe Danny and I should start naming our pieces - we often have the same miscommunication!

Christa @ Stories of a House said...

I got a chuckle over your dialogue, because I can relate! Naming the pieces is a great idea.

NanaDiana said...

OMGosh-I thought naming your pieces was normal..lol...which tells you there is something wrong with me, most likely...no-make that definitely wrong with me...lol I name everything-I call my office-the Crazy Place.

Glad you didn't leave the "little" white dresser behind. Did you name her Lil'Bit? xxoo Diana

kwilter said...

Okay. That is a funny story! Funny how different our perceptions can be!

Katie Bell said...

We name our children for that exact.same reason...

Jennifer said...

LOL! My husband still calls our side yard the front yard. Whaaaa????

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