Sneak Peak Angus Dresser & Another Painting

This dresser is tall! Four levels of drawers tall. And I wish I had one of these in every bedroom of our home. The current plan for this piece is to paint it a grey / green (custom color) and glaze it in a deep black. Our client is looking for new hardware and wants the wood knobs painted in the same finish as an extra option.

I am excited to see the results of this makeover. This dresser has strong lines around each drawer and the new finish will make them pop and give clarity to each individual drawer.

And for a different subject . . . if you have been reading my blog for long you know my love for old artwork and paintings. I found this one at a thrift store for $4.00. The painting was nestled in a nice dark wood frame so when we painted it black and lightly distressed it the dark finish peaked through nicely.

The colors in this painting are fantastic. The various shades of blue water against the different shadows in the white snow rolling up against the cabin porch with the neighboring home just past the trees and fence. I am so happy I found this one.

Happy Thursday!


::cottage instincts:: said...

I keep looking for tall, wide dressers like that...want to use it to put our flat screen on. YOurs is loverly. :)

And I've been finding paintings like that charming lately too. The folks at the thrifts must think I'm a crazy fool for buying them! The colors are just divine in the one you picked up!

Kathy said...

Really a beautiful painting, you have wonderful taste

AllisonK said...

Grey/green!!! HOW LOVELY! I can't wait to see the end result.

michelle said...

Beautiful painting, I would love that view in the winter! The frame turned out really nice too!

Holy dresser!! What a great piece! I can't wait to see how it turns out! Your color choice sounds really pretty!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

ooh i can't wait to see what you do with the dresser! and the painting is gorgeous- i am a sucker for a good painting, too. i collect them, but then don't have the right walls in my house to hang them. :(

kathie said...

Love the painting ~ that one is something I would have fallen for as well! I'll be checking back for the 'after' pictures of the dresser! You've inspired me to try painting something black.. I love the look of black, but have never done anything in black. So, here goes!

Leslie said...

So cool what a difference the black frame makes. I want to see it on your wall.

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