One Thing Wednesday - School Map

It is "One Thing Wednesday".

Today I am eyeing this vintage drop down school map of The British Isles. I found this particular treasure on Etsy at

It has in fact already been purchased and I can see why.
The only criteria is the map would have to be of a place I lived or visited. It has been several years but I spent a few weeks traveling up and down The British Isles with the exception of Ireland. It is a trip that my 2 BFFs and I still talk and laugh about. Great memories. And this beautiful map would be a reminder!

This would look beautiful hanging above my desk. I would love some mini maps just like this to hang in my little one's room. A map of the good ole' USA and our state.

If you could buy one thing today discounting any budget constraints what would it be? But remember - has to be within reason. :)


michelle said...

That map is beautiful! I love maps of places that I have been, like you said it brings back so many great memories!

What would I buy? I have been itching for some jute rugs that I keep eyeballing in Ballard Design. They would go great in my kitchen!!

Have a great day!!

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

New countertops. I don't know if that's considered reasonable, though!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that map is so cool! i love the charm of it.
my one thing.... a new lighting fixture for the dining room. the room is almost where i want it, but that light... we have a ceiling fan light that just needs to go!

Sharon said...

I would love to find and BUY a map like the one you have shown...I have been wanting one to be able to show my boys where their missionary friends that they have met or went to school with are stationed with their parents now. I have seen basic maps but I want something with style...thanks for the post!

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

You mean you don't get the map?! Oh no. It's a cool item!
I keep telling my husband if I had the money I would buy really nice patio furniture instead of the mix of old plastic and crummy metal furniture we have. I'd love to get one of those beautiful sofas and seating groups it the patio and pool stores.
I guess to some people that's within reason? It's the only really expensive thing I've ever wanted for our house.
Kelly :)

NanaDiana said...

I love that map! I want that map! I need that map! Okay...it's gone...but I really LOVE it! I even loved it when I was in grade school and they pulled that big old map down for the first time. I was excited even back then. I need to get me a map!!! Yes I do! Diana

Leslie said...

Ok yes that would be fantastic. I will look for you.

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