Summer Month and a Another Hutch

This hutch has been painted white and is waiting for a bit of distressing on the edges and then it will be off to its new home. I will snap a few pictures before April comes to wisk it away!

Lucky girl!

July is a super busy month and we have some wonderful things happening. . . .

We have a much needed long weekend upon us! Most of the family is up at the ranch house but we opted to stay and get some painting done.

Our little one has her three year birthday coming up later in the month.

We have a state holiday! Wahoo - more painting time.

We will reveal our barnwood dining table and chairs! I hesitate because I am still picking out fabric for the seat covers. I know what I want - now I just need to find it.

We have three more hutches awaiting their make over!

We are meeting with a very special client to help her pick out a magnificent buffet to go her in her new kitchen.

I wonder if we will ever get this thing painted - The Gardner Hutch (we are going on 7 months but we are being patient)! And now I leave you with this - our American Flag.

Happy Fourth! Enjoy your holiday!


Emily @ Finding My Aloha said...

Enjoy your weekend! Im always looking forward to your new projects. How do youever part with them when youre finished...that would be my problem ;)

I just added you to my "blog shelf" (fave reads) on my blog. I just finished that page and I think you'll be tickled with how I displayed my fave blogs (inlcuding you!) http://findingmyaloha.blogspot.com

michelle said...

That hutch is beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished result! Take some time to enjoy yourselves! Happy 4th!

Lindsay Logic said...

I love watching your projects come to fruition! :) I can keep an eye out for fabric, if you tell me what to look for. (I have an obsession with home decor stores/craft stores lately since we've been remodeling) I'd be happy to keep my eye out!

Kacey said...

Oh my gosh, you guys are busy. I hope you do find some time to relax this weekend! Happy 4th!

decdiva1 said...

love your work!!! i do the same thing. i started out doing it for myself and then people would ask me if i could re-do their old furniture. so it just grew into a little side biz! p.s. i;m ur newest follower!

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