Old Artwork and "How Do You" Questions

My most recent hobby (or obsession) is finding old artwork at a killer price. When I picked this piece up it was in a white frame but it was super flimsy and did not make much of a statement. I have a few frames laying around the house and it just so happens that this fit perfectly. And believe me . . . this does not happen for me often at all! Once it was complete it was ready for its new home which is over our headboard. I have had this bare wall staring at me for years and I just cannot think of anything more perfect than an old oil painting that speaks of peace and calmness on a warm sunny day. I just love the setting in this picture.
I found another super steal of a deal on an oil painting for the boys room this past weekend. Mike has painted the frame and it is already hanging between their beds. I will be posting pictures soon.

On a different note we have received emails and calls concerning how we do what we do. What kind of paint we use. How we distress our pieces. We are compiling notes and will be posting answers to frequently asked questions! This has been a long time coming so we are very excited. If you have feel that you have a question that we have not addressed email us and we will try and get to it! Please be patient with us!

Also a quick note to a follower up in Washington who called and left me a message concerning a great find on Craigslist up her way! Thank you. I have not had time to call you back and thank you so I am doing it here. Your message put a smile on my face. Thank you for taking the time to call and help me find my treasures.

And thanks to everyone who stops by to see what we are up to or just to say hello. One of my favorite things about this blog and furniture is meeting new friends. We just cannot say it enough.


Lianna said...

I'm completely inspired by your work and your blog, and now I am on the search for an armoire for our living room. I'll be one of the most grateful readers for your paint how-to's!

A Perfect Gray said...

I'm always on the hunt for art at great prices, too. I keep thinking my next great treasure is just around the corner!

Cathy said...

Thanks for your kind words on my dresser! I love all your work too. I'm working up the courage to do some black pieces, yours look amazing!

Chelsea said...


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