Landscape Paintings & Paris

Remember this picture - the one that my husband did not love but still lets me hang on the wall.
You can read all about it here.

Well guess what I found today!
Two more treasures very similar to this one.
Yep. I have already taken one apart and happen to have another frame that I paid around $2 for that will fit it perfectly. I am super excited.
My sister had mentioned that she would love to get a hold of a few of these as well.
She said she her husband would probably feel about them just the way that Mike did but she is willing to risk it.
So . . . . today is her lucky day.
Because I am willing to share with her.
I Italicwill reveal both of these a bit later in the week.
(P.S. I did get Mike's approval before I purchased them.)

But for now I leave you with a glimpse of yet another painting I got for a killer deal. The frame on this one is waiting for a new paint job. Mike gave the thumbs up on this one and we cannot wait to hang it.

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1 comment:

Melanie said...

Lovely furniture refinishing! I thought it was so funny when I dropped by your blog- my name is Melanie and I am married to a Mike too! Crazy, huh!

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