Smoky Mountains

I was so excited when I found this painting of "Spring in the Smoky Mountains." I grabbed it and ran home with it to have Mike paint the frame. When I showed it to him his eyes got big as quarters and not because he was in love with it! Hmmmm. I told him not to jump to any conclusions until he painted the frame. So after that was completed and it was hanging on our wall I thought for sure he was going to love it as much as me. But still no. How could this be? Why would he not adore my new found treasure as much as me? :)

Last weekend we had the big kids and Coleman asked Mike about it. Mike said, "Do you like it?" and Coleman replied "Yes, I like it. Do you Dad?"

Mike replied, "Not as much as Melanie."

So I have let a few more days pass and quietly asked him last night if his opinion has changed yet.


That is okay.

I still love him
and it is still hanging on the wall
bottom line is
me and Coleman have
g r e a t
t a s t e .

Up next we have two projects completed and we are just working out the hardware. One is a an old vintage Drexel buffet that has been painted white and one is a custom refinish of a little old dresser.

1 comment:

Lindsay Logic said...

Mike painted the frame for a picture he didn't like?

You have that man wrapped around your little finger- don't let him get away! ;) lol

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