Old Artwork and A Husky Pro

I am fascinated by scenic artwork. It draws you in and sets your imagination free.
It can take you to another place in your mind's eye.
When I spotted this painting it was not framed but I could see the potential and loved the colors and ambience. After I got home I immediately went to our finished frames and ta - da! I had one that worked perfectly and believe me that does not happen often!
I want a house like this! One that sits beneath trees and is surrounded by an assortment of greenery and blossoming flowers. You can almost feel the warmth of the sun and the subtle breeze as you make your way up the dirt path to the welcoming stairs.
Yes, I love my new found treasure. And all together it cost me $5.00.

And now . . . here we go . . .
Our Craftsman compressor has seen its last day.
The motor was just not willing to do its thing any longer.
We appreciate the labors it performed.
R. I. P.

And introducing
(pretend drumroll)
Our Husky Pro.
I hope it lives up to its name!
Enough of introductions -let's get to work!

And complete this antique buffet I am have discussing the past two weeks!


Anonymous said...

Love this! I saw this at the centerville DI! Is that where you got it! Love that place. I am there daily. We have probably crossed paths! :)
love your site

Chelsea said...

LOVE IT! xoxo

Leslie said...

I love that painting. Really is awesome. I want to live there too. And I want to make cookies everyday in it.

Doug Eash said...

Great Painting, you have good taste in paintings,I have enjoyed looking at everything you have posted.

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