The Shabby Thread

My sister-in-law Chelsea is not only beautiful but she is very talented and has her own little business called
She makes beautiful necklace bibs and accessories. One of my favorites are these little hair clippies that she makes for little girls. Chelsea watched our little one the other day and left these for her.

They are so sweet and feminine and Faith loves to tell people that "Chelsh-ie" made these for her. Also hanging in Faith's room is this. Look close at the delicate bib necklace!

Is this not the sweetest thing ever! Not only does she make these for the tiny ladies she has many to choose from for everyone! Hint: she can make matching ones for moms and daughters which make special keepsakes.

Go check her out . . . . h e r e ! ! ! !

Thank you Chelsea for the special treasures for Faith. And for her spunky new big girl haircut. She looks beautiful and so grown up now!

Stay close because Mike is putting the finishing touches on a chunky black dresser and nightstand. These will be available tomorrow. Happy Monday!

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Lindsay Logic said...

These are adorable! I want a headband, or a hairclip!

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