The Braylin Bed Set


Dresser: 64" Wide . 31" Tall . 18.5" Deep
Nighstand: 23" Wide . 24" Tall . 16" Deep
Mirror: 47" Tall . 46" Wide
Headboard: 50" Tall
This is a beautiful vintage white four piece bed set. The large dresser has six drawers with delicate curved details at the end of each drawer. The bottom of the dresser is curved and reveals a special wood piece that accentuates the elegance of the whole bed set. The design is highlighted on both the mirror and headboard as well.
The nightstand has two drawers for extra storage. I think a tall lamp with a beautiful majestic lampshade would be beautiful. Along with that I would find some old books and an antique clock to make the picture complete.
I love, love dressers that sit up on legs. And this one is no exception. It is such a focal point of the piece and gives it a polished look. We have kept the original hardware so as not to take away from its vintage flair.

The size of this mirror is not reflected in the picture but the measurements are listed above. This mirror is huge. It compliments the curves and style of the dresser and provides extra dimension and depth.The headboard is extra functional as it would work with a queen bed or a full bed. The woodwork has a unique pattern and classic theme.
It is hard to go wrong with white. I believe it is timeless and functional as you can switch out splashes of color in accessories. It is crisp and clean and flawless.

Happy Thursday!

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Chelsea said...

BEAUTIFUL! Love love love it all... especially the headboard & mirror.

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