Nana's Kitchen


This is Nana's kitchen.
The one she created for her grandkids.
It all came right out of her imagination.
a fridge that works filled with cool refreshing beverages
an oven that lights up when opened
fruit pictures that I wanted to buy from her and hang in my kitchen (they are THAT cute)
a neatly designed temporary dinner table (she is on the hunt for a bigger one)
two microwaves
a pantry filled with special eats
a sink with a real faucet
every kitchen utensil needed to whip up something gourmet
a dish washer
a washer and dryer
the counter tops are freshly tiled
and you walk in the room
and it smells like baking bread
or something like that.
Yes, this is my mom's creation and do the grandkids ever love it.
Also included but not shown . . .
aprons, chef hats, and oven mittens.

Also included but not seen is a chocolate brown leather chair for curling up in to read a fine book or just to take a rest for five seconds (because that is what kids do).

Thanks to Nana. It is always a special treat to "cook" in "Nana's kitchen".


Lindsay Logic said...

This is the cutest thing ever! I've been trying to talk my Mother-in-law into doing her playroom like this. (She only has granddaughters at this point.) I'll have to share this with her for inspiration! Adorable! I would've loved that as a child!

Rose said...

Omg, that is just too adorable. I love all the details. Your Mom is a wonderful grandma to do this for the kiddies.
Great job!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

That's the kind of Gram that I want to be. If I could figure out the space issues, I would have this up for my kids now!

Leslie said...

What fun, I bet the kiddos love it!

Ellie said...

That is aDORable! My kids would seriously be begging to go play there ALL the time!

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