In The Works

Do you want to hear something amazing!
Do you want to read something amazing I mean!
We have sold through everything but this . . .


It has been so fun meeting many of you and talking about furniture and this blog! I met Adela the other night . . a beautiful mom of eight children who looks like she is barely out of college . . no joke. Amazing. She had her darling three year old daughter with her who got a tour of the house from our own little one who wanted her to stay and play. Faith just does not understand why folks leave so quickly! She has lots to talk about! Thank you Adela! And thanks to everyone!

In the works . . . a coffee table and two end tables to be completed in the classic black.

Plus this . . .

hu - mung - o open hutch.

If you have an open wall and need to place to display beautiful dishes, memorable knick knacks, or family pictures. This is going to be a beauty! I can't wait!

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Lindsay Logic said...

How much for this mirror? It's beautiful!

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