Oh Christmas Tree

Today I am highlighting a few of my favorites hanging on our Christmas tree.
I love Christmas bells.
I have these little ones hanging all over my tree.
And then I have a few larger ones.
One to represent each one in our family.
These bells caused quite a stir as we were putting up the tree.
My two year old had a forty five minute fit because she could not get
the little ball out of the bell.
I explained that the bell does not open.
She didn't care she wanted it.
I explained even if we could get it out it would not be right
because the bell would not work anymore.
She didn't care.
She just wanted it out!
How do you reason with a two year old?
This is a sweet little beaded wreath from Pottery Barn.
It came on a wrapped gift a few years ago. And sadly enough, I only have one.
Oh the shame. I wish I had one to match up with each bell.

And then the star to top it off. Yep, just one of these. The key to all Christmas toppers is keeping them straight and upright. This one is already starting to lean to one side - the tree is often wrestled by you know who . . the two year old! Love her!

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