The Broyhill Square Coffee Table

Table Dimensions:
36" Wide . 18" Tall . 36" Deep
Here is our newly refinished black Broyhill square coffee table and it is a beauty. It has been slightly distressed around the edges and legs. It is solid wood with no blemishes. I love Broyhill furniture not only because of its look but because of its quality.

I have to mention that I think that this piece would go great paired up with The Brighton Waterfall Buffet. I think the buffet would work wonderfully as an entertainment piece for a flatscreen t.v. Combine the two with different colored end tables and Yeeehawww - a family room make over.
I am eyeing that buffet myself for just this very thing. With every piece we finish - I want to keep it. I think Mike is tired of hearing me say . . . why don't we just keep this one. Each piece is unique and not replicated so it is hard to let them go!

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