One Thing Wednesday - Janet Hill Studios

Once again I am supposed to be revealing a hutch. Remember the one that turned out kinda purple and we had to go back and paint it again.
Yeah, well we had yet another mishap while installing the glass into one of the doors.
It broke.
It happens.
We are delayed.
But carrying on.
And will do the reveal tomorrow.

We have been pretty busy and I accidently stopped doing my weekly "One Thing Wednesday". You know . . . the day where I get to go pretend shopping.

Well I miss it.
So I am doing it today.
On Thursday.
But that is okay because it is pretend anyway.
I want these prints for a guest bathroom.

And these prints above a tiny white table with white / grey wooden chairs in the corner of a kitchen.

Go here to find more of

Janet Hill's prints.

Because they are lovely and charming.


Candylei said...

Her work is so cute!

kwilter said...

Okay. Those are so cute! I think I need the one with the dishrags and the stove for a play kitchen.

Gina @ Temporary Nest said...

The bakery one is adorable!! I would love to put those in my kitchen over a little french bistro table! <3

Holly Austin said...

These prints are exactly as you described - lovely and charming. Never seem them before, but I love them!

Allison said...

Those are fun prints. I love the first one for my bathroom.

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