The Amiyah Hutch & KSL

Today I had planned to post before & after pictures of the beautiful Amiyah Hutch but due to some misfortunes it will not take place until tomorrow! We had opted to paint the interior in a slight grey and the exterior in our vintage white. Well the grey decided to be purple. Purple I tell you! I looked at that thing and tried to tell myself again and again that it was grey when really

So Mike hauled it back into the garage and now it is white. He will put it back together today and I will be posting the reveal. It is a beautiful hutch. Lots of straight lines and some nice contouring in the center section.
Friday we did our fourth segment on KSL of top vintage finds and guess who got to come. The night before she kept saying "tomorrow I am going to Salt Lake to be on KSL." We talked to her about using our quiet voices and just staying right close to mom and dad while we set up.
Here she is practicing staying close to me. And here she is staying close to me.
She was pretty good most of the time. And we cannot thank all the folks that work on the set for their support and encouragement. They are always so helpful and kind. And of course Brooke and Darin just carry us along. They have so much energy and are so personable.

Thank you Studio 5!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

aw, she is sooo darn cute!
as for the hutch- do you think maybe the stain bled? i had that happen with gray once and it took a more purply tint. just a thought. i also bought a"gray" once and then when i applied it it looked purple! either way- i look forward to seeing it all done!

Denise said...

Sorry you had problems. After the Bode Dresser set, I can't wait to see this one!

What a doll. She is adorable!


NanaDiana said...

I am anxious to see that dresser all re-done. I have had problems before with grey looking lavender when all was done and said...it's a mystery..

Your daughter is a beautiful child. I can see the soul in her eyes. I'll bet she is a little charmer. Would sure love to be a Nana to her! Hugs-Diana

michelle said...

Oh no on the purple! Although it could be pretty if that is what you are going for! :) Your daughter is so darn adorable and I am so glad that she got to with you! :) I bet she had a wonderful time and it looked like she was a pro at staying close to mommy! :)

AllisonK said...

Another wonderful segment! Faith is darling. Too bad about the purple.

Can't wait to get together.

kimber said...

hey, I pulled one of those windows out of a junk pile. Some of the paint was peeling, so I scraped the bigger chunks off it, but is there a way I can seal it? I don't know if it's lead paint!

Chelsea said...

I want Faith's autograph. I am pretty sure we are her biggest fans!


oops! said...

Just so darn cute! Like her Mother!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Where is your link. I wanta see what you said on Studio 5!!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Where is your link. I wanta see what you said on Studio 5!!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Awwwee Ha!! I agree w/ everything you said. Although I'd never pay what you suggested! I am a dollar girl after all!!! Look what I found! To step for me but maybe someone you know haqs a pretty penny!?


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