One Thing Wednesday - Vintage Radio

It is Wednesday again so that means "One Thing Wednesday". Wahoo.

And I get showcase what I would buy today if I could pick one thing. Wahoo again!

Today I would pick up this little vintage radio from Retro 58.
This particular radio has tons of character that I would want sitting on an old desk or dresser in my home. The first being the speaker protected by the little metal shutters. Yep, I am loving those right now. Next is the handle on top for easy transportation. They were way ahead of themselves with this contraption - kind of an '80s boom box effect! The three little knobs below the face of the radio have some fun texture and give some nice depth to the front.
I love the discolored yellow face along with the red dial.
So I have gone ahead and jotted this little baby down on my wish list.

What would you buy today?


michelle said...

What a cool little radio!! It would look great on your desk!

Not sure what I would buy today, I think I would like some more crates!

Have a wonderful day!!

ChRiS said...


{ the vintage wren } said...

I love it, I can see why you are loving it. What a great find.

Take Care, Carrie

Leslie said...

Oh you need to find this! It would be awesome.

Leslie said...

Oh and I would buy an outfit from anthropologie in a size zero.

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