One Thing Wednesday - Vintage Butter Churn

It is Wednesday!

And Wednesdays are my pretend shopping days.
Every lady should have one.

So if I could buy one thing today it would be this Vintage Butter Churn found at Sarahanntiques.
I am loving those wooden paddles! And the squared glass jar with the round lid.
The rusty wheeled lid tops the jar off perfectly. I love all the levels of detail with the wooden handle matching the paddles. I would put this in my hutch for all to see!
But I would have to do it nonchalantly because I know if my little one got a look at it -
why she would turn it into a toy.
Add ImageIs your house the same way?

On a different note - I have had an overwhelming response to the vintage card catalog that we picked up a few weeks back.
I had several ask where we got it - I found it on KSL classifieds which is where I find most of my wonderful treasures. I called on it when it had been up for about half an hour. The gentleman was kind enough to hold it for us until the next evening. When we picked it up he said there were going to be several disappointed people that we showed up to get it!
I had several ask what we are going to do with it - we plan to strip it down and restain it in a dark walnut. I am still toying with the idea of painting it (I saw a black one here) but have not yet decided. It is currently sitting as a side table in our living room and I am sure it will be there for a bit as our projects get done as life slows down and I don't plan on that happening soon as we head into the holiday season.

Happy Wednesday!


Leslie said...

Oh i love that butter churn. Are you going to churn your own butter? If so, make me some brownies with it.

NanaDiana said...

It's funny..but when we cleaned out the old homestead the one thing I really wanted was our old butter churn that looked a lot like that one...except our cover was green. No one could find it-it was gone from the place where it had always been. I think someone came along and probably sweet-talked my mother out of it...along with a few other things.

I churned a lot of butter with one of those when I was a kid. There were times in the winter when we couldn't get down the mountain to get to the store...and when we ran low on butter we would churn our own. There is nothing like it in the world..but you have to leave it cure a bit and then press the bit of milk that still remains in it out.....and oh-so-good on fresh baked bread. Thanks for the memory~ Diana

michelle said...

Cool churn! I have never seen one like the before! You always find the coolest things!

Ooh that is a toughy, I like the sound of the walnut stain but the black is beautiful!!! Which ever you choose it will be gorgeous!!!

SarahAnntiques said...

Wow thanks so much for including my churn on your Wednesday post!

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