Week of Treasure Hunting

We had a great week of treasure hunting! But not everything went as planned! First up we found this old door and it already has a great coat of paint and some nice distressing. I plan to find a glass door knob to make it complete. I have not found a permanent home for it yet so I am waiting to show the final reveal once it is in place. I am always looking for old wire baskets. Love them! I have yet to find gym baskets but I am always on the look out. I love filling these with old smaller books.

We also found but not yet pictured two big landscape pictures (you know I love them) for $1 each and some additional nice sized frames. I found a fantastic old glass lamp which is just waiting for a good clean up. Mike stumbled on some old rowing oars that are so old and chippy and amazing! We picked those up for $5 which will go on the wall in the boys room next to an old ship painting we found for them a few months back.

Last Thursday my little one and I ran to the DI to look for some great paintings and frames. I found a gi-norm-ous (you know I love that word) frame. It was a steal at $6. Well because it was so big and awkward people had to open doors for us and pretty much move out of the way so they did not get hit. It was just that big. I was steering the cart with that and trying to hold Faith's hand and it was just pretty much a nightmare making my way to pay for it. Once I got up to the cashier he only charged me $3 because all the artwork was half off. Oh my gosh! I couldn't believe my good fortune! Well that was about to take a turn as soon as we got to the parking lot. In all my of excitement I forgot that I was not in my forerunner but in Mike's little Honda. As I pushed the awkward cart toward the car I thought this is never going to fit! What was I thinking! I got Faith buckled in the car and then tried to get that frame in the trunk. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Then I tried to put it in the back seat with her. She knew as well as I did it was not going to fit and she told me just that. What does she know - she is just three! I tried every angle at least five times! I pulled it out and started over about six times! I tried calling my sister to see if she were in the area at all to swing by and help me. No answer. Faith just kept looking at me like I told you so! Then my next thought was I am not going to unbuckle her and awkwardly get this back in the store. I was hot and irritated. I looked around to see if I could offer it to anyone who might have a car bigger than MINE! But no one. So then I made a lazy decision and set it by the lamp post in the parking lot. I figured that I either gave it away to someone who came along and took it home or an employee came out and saw it and I re-donated it. Blah! I was so grumpy! But we waved good bye to it and drove away never to see it again. I hope it found a happy home.

(photos courtesy of Faith)

And one last side note - I am so allergic to animals and pets of all kinds! Dogs, cats, horses, cows. You name it and I get itchy eyes and a heavy chest and can hardly breathe. The other night Faith told me she wished she had a little white puppy with brown spots that she could play with outside and give her kisses. Oh the guilt. Hey - what is wrong with our current pet? Fish are fun. Tiko is a good pet. Not much maintenance. Plus when Faith taps the glass he makes eye contact with her or something like that. Our Tiko is a keeper. :)

Happy Monday!


michelle said...

Oh no! I am so sorry that the frame didn't fit!! That really stinks that you had to leave it! Don't you hate it when kids are right? ;) I hope that you find one like it again.
The door is beautiful and I love the wire baskets! Great finds! Can't wait to see the picture and where you put the door!
Oh and fish are perfect pets!!! :)

A Perfect Gray said...

that cracked and chipped paint on the door is wonderful, isn't it...?

Jen said...

I wish I had the same good fortune you have. HOW do you manage to find such great things for sooooo cheap??!??!?! I find plenty of awesome things, but not for cheap -even at DI. I saw a frame I fell in love with there. They had it tagged for $50!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. They probaby misttok the cheap paper print in the frame for a real painting. I was so sad.

I went treasure hunting myself this weekend. Didn't find much. I did find some old books that I fell in love with in a box marked 50 cents each. But when I took them to the lady to pay for them, she told me the old books were $5because "they sell for a lot on ebay". I showed her the box I took them out of, and even had a man vouch for me, but she was firm. So I left them there. UGH. So what's your secret????

NanaDiana said...

Melanie- How awful that you couldn't get that frame in there. Maybe your daughter could have ridden on top of the car? No? Well, it was just a thought-;>)

I hate when I don't have my own car and realize I have found the bargain of my dreams and it won't fit in the vehicle I am driving!

At least you got the door...the wonderful...wonderful door. I can't wait to see what you do with it! hugs- Diana

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

I have a love for wire/metal baskets too! Love your new find.
I have passed along an award to you! Come visit me at http://redhenhome.blogspot.com/2010/09/award-for-me.html

Anne Marie said...

great door...and 2 of our favorite fish are goldfish :)

kathie said...

I am so sorry about the frame... I really thought you were going to say that you had put it on the roof of your car and held on to it with your arm out the window :) You probably considered it! But the other finds are fabulous!

Leslie said...

I am sad to hear the painting didn't make it home. But I know of a great place we can get you a glass knob. Let's make mom stop and get it on the way home this weekend. It would be priceless. I was thinking it would be fun to take pictures in front of the door?

Nutbird said...

Next time why don't you keep a hammer in your car? You maybe could break the frame apart on the corners, and then put the pieces in the car. If the corners get broken, couldn't you then recut the corners so that the frame is a little bit smaller? If you can't salvage the glass, and don't want the art, look at it as buying nice frame molding. I've found a lot of frames near resorts. The art in the hotels is usually so tired out that the whole piece is dumped. Try near Park City. Ann

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