One Thing Wednesday - Vintage Card Catalog

It is "One Thing Wednesday" and today I am eyeing this vintage card catalog.
This can be found at Junktiques on Etsy and this store is swimming in great vintage finds.

I love these old wooden and metal card catalogs used in old libraries. I especially like the dark wood on this one with the metal plates. These look great displayed on desks and add a vintage flair to any room. They also provide for height and dimension and can display additional items on the top surface.
The inside drawers are slightly green and provide a nice contrast against the warmth of the dark wood.
This one is pretty banged up but that adds character and a storyline. I have run across a few free standing card catalogs as well and if I had an empty wall I think it would be an amazing greeting piece.

I want to send out a big thank you for your comments and advice on my hunt for the vintage fan. I believe I have found one and cannot wait to tell the story.

Happy Wednesday


NanaDiana said...

Well~How cool is that old piece! I used to love digging through those card files when I was a kid! Diana

michelle said...

That would look great on your desk along with your type writer!!! Off to check out the store!!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

too bad i didn't know you way back when... i sold 3 of these in may at an antique market! and i found them ta the acution for about 5 dollars each!

AllisonK said...

My all-time favorite piece!! I would love to have a big one in my home. Someday.

Lisa @ On Cloud Pink said...

I work in a library, and yet, I have not seen one in years (almost 20). I want one for my craft corner. Ho hum.

Thanks for sharing.


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

I LOVE the character of this piece! SO cool!

Robyn said...

OHHH I LOVE these too! BTW, haven't been to the store, unfortunately my procedure wore off early and I've been spending time between Physical therapy and the bed but I'm going today. ;-)

Leslie said...

Ok that is awesome.

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