From a House to a Home

So yes it is true. We are trying to move.
Who knows if it will ever happen.
But if it does.
I want to move into a house like this.
A house like my Great-Grandmother Carrie's house.
I want there to be mystery behind each window.
I want angles, and curves, and columns.
I want an open porch to spend my nights reading books and talking with family and friends.
I want an old tattered but stable porch swing where our little one's feet will dangle.
I want a big backyard with huge swooping shade trees for family bar-b-ques and water fights.
Yep, I want an old house
that we

Maybe someday.


A Perfect Gray said...

old homes are the best. we have had three: 1900's; 1920's and our current (new) house - 1940's. I've never really wanted a new house...but sometimes dealing with the 'oldness' I can see how others would...

best wishes on your search...!

Gloria Fox said...

Oh I so want an old house too. Everything old but the plumbing and electric. :-) I can deal and play with the rest.

Anonymous said...
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Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

I want a house like that too, however I don't want the drafts in the winter and the warm upstairs in the summer!! I want all the old woodwork and trim but new pipes, plumbing and wiring!! Not asking for much, am I??

I must say they don't make houses like they used to and I can't imagine what one would cost now if they did. They have such character!

Kristi said...

I want it too!! Hubs doesn't want an old house that needs a lot of work so I've asked him if our dream can be to recreate one.

Leslie said...

Love this house and I would love to sit and on the front porch and drink homemade lemonade. Love this this post and love how you are so diverse in your postings.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i have the same dream. a 1970's split foyer doesn't count... i want charm! i love the old arts and crafts bungalows.... that is my dream. we'll get there melanie! i wish you luck!

michelle said...

What a beautiful house! I truly hope that you can sell your house and buy a home like the one you want. It would be so beautiful! Just like the way you give old furniture new life, you would give an old home new life and new stories with your family! Cross my fingers for you!!

Allison said...

I love the old homes....so full of charm and character. One day! I'd love an old home on the beach. I hope your dream comes true, Melanie!

Brenda @Just a Bed of Roses said...

Love the charm of your aunts home.
It really does have alot of those angles.
I too love old. however we built a new to look old. hey,everything is energy efficient, no wind blowing though the windows when they are closed!
Dreams come true, hope they do for you.

thatsmyjob said...

Sweet smell of old wood. Creaky floors...Built in's...... Love it! I hope that is where you land but know from following your blog that wherever you land it will be home. Love, Me.

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