My Seat Cover Vision

I have had several inquiries on the seat covers for my chairs.
While my chairs are dining chairs and not this sweet chunky bedroom chair . . . I adore these colors nonetheless. We have painted our ladder back chairs white and I would love nothing more than to find a ticking fabric similiar to the one on this chair. And I would love to have the same type of embellishments but I am not going to make myself any promises. As far as fabric shopping goes it is fairly difficult with an almost three year old. She liked playing with the swatches on hangers and kept asking me, "Hey Mom - do you like these pants?"
Needless to say I spent more time putting things away than actually looking.
So I will be patient and hope that something fabulous pops up unexpectedly (which will not be likely but a girl can dream and . . . P.S. I wish the chair in the photo were mine but I buried this snapshot in my favorite home ideas so photographer unknown. I apologize if it is yours but thank you for the inspiration.)

Stay tuned!


Lindsay Logic said...

I have some vintage fabric that I got from my Grandmother's house (she passed away in December, and was an avid quilt maker) I have some this color, but with a pattern. I'll e-mail you some pics. I couldn't bear to let her fabric be given away when it had so many possibilities, so I took it! :)

kwilter said...

Mel, you should check out the Home Decor Fabric store on 7200 S and State. I'm making some draperies for a lady that just bought some of the cutest fabric there for $5/yd. They have great prices. But, I know you can't order more if you need it, which is a little bit of a pain. Also, did you check JoAnns? If you go to one of the big stores (Draper or Taylorsville), they have gobs and gobs of home decor fabric and they have even more swatches that you can custom order from. If you need a 40% off coupon, I have one.

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