Country Road and Old Homes

I promised pictures of old old homes that mark the path to my parents ranch house. I so wish I knew the history associated with each of them such as who built them and the family memories that were created in those rooms. I wonder if this is an old sleeping porch or an addition added on later.
This is the gate that leads to some of the farm equipment and land that was harvested by my grandfather.This old dam is a landmark that lets the little ones know we are getting close to the ranch house. This is Daniel's Reservoir and is a hot spot for fishing. I admire these old mailboxes stacked neatly together. It was quite a drive to get the mail delivered out to these parts. Especially in the winter. I wonder if it happened at all or if it had to be picked up in town.

Next up is old farm equipment and my grandfather's fishing car.

We celebrated our little one's third birthday yesterday. Where has the time gone? Her little cousin gave her two goldfish on Sunday. She named them Tiko and Murray. It is now early Wednesday morning and they have both passed on. RIP little guys.

A day does not go by that she doesn't make us laugh with her witty sense of humor. A day does not go by that I don't scoop her up, kiss her on her forehead or cheek and tell her how much I love her.

She is a stubborn little one which I hope serves her well as she continues to learn and grow.



Katie Bell said...

I grew up in the counrty and it was interesting giving people directions like: turn after the first stack of hay but before the second, then hang a left past the barn, not the barn with the hay, but the milking barn, and then there's a barbed wire fence, make sure you look out for wandering cows and for mud puddles...

michelle said...

Beautiful pictures! I love to see old homes/barns like that and imagine what they were like in their prime and the people that lived there.
So sorry about Murray and Tiko, we buried a few fish as well, always a sad day.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I love to explore country roads and see all the old homes. I wonder like you about who lived there and what ever happened to the families. Your little one is just precious. Love that huge smile. Hugs, Marty

Lindsay Logic said...

Awesome pictures.

She's not stubborn- she's persistent. lol

I'm glad you cherish your moments as a mother- she's lucky to have you as her Mom! :)

You might like to watch my brother's blog for pictures: photoforyouebaystore.blogspot.com

He takes awesome ones!

Laura @ Just For Love said...


Your little one is a darling! She seems like a sweetie with spunk. Love that smile!

Happy Wednesday, friend : )
Love, Laura

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

What beautiful pictures. I love to see old homes like that and wonder about the stories they could tell if they could talk. What awesome countryside that is. Thanks for sharing. Your daughter is precious. I taught 3 year olds for 16 years. Such a cute age. Love & blessings from NC!

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