Pre-Sale Online Yard Sale

We are having a Pre-Sale Online Yard Sale today and tomorrow!

If you see something that you might be interested in - don't wait until our official yard sale on Saturday! We are offering our reduced prices on all of our pieces today.

The Kallee Dresser Set: SOLD

The Tenisyn Antique Dresser: $295 now $200

The Jordan Dresser Set: $375 now

The Corey Buffet: $325 now $250

The Sawyer Antique Buffet: $375 now $325

Please contact us at frostedgardner@live.com or 801.557.5865 if you have any questions.

Thanks all!


Jenny said...

Hi Melanie,

Do you offer out of state shipping on any of these pieces? If so, roughly how much is the charge?


Isaac said...

You can also list stuff for sale on www.privategaragesale.com
It's free – no commissions, no fees whatsoever and you get to keep all the money.

Sue said...

Oh..just ignore the last question about prices LOL. beautiful work!!!

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