The Lone Ranger

If you have never seen
you really must.
This gentleman travels through Sweden for three months each summer attending 18th and 19th century estate sales. He then sends his pieces back to the states and repairs and refinishes. He sells his treasures in antique shows a few times a year.
Prepare yourself to be amazed and astounded at the quality, quantity, and talent. It is nothing short of amazing.
Oh how I wish I could attend one of these affairs.

I need to work for The Lone Ranger. I know someone who speaks Swedish - my brother lived there for two years. He can translate and make us laugh. Plus he can sell you the shoes you are already wearing. Hmmmm. I may be on to something.

Hope you enjoy!


Katie Bell said...

Is he hiring? Maybe I, I mean maybe you, could get a job!

Leslie said...

Wow that is amazing. I want those chairs and the clocks. I know someone who speaks Swedish;)

Kacey said...

Oh my - absolutely amazing. How incredible to be able to find and work with those pieces!


Lindsay Logic said...

If you go, I want to go with! :)

Sue said...

let me just pick my jaw up off the floor...that last table...OMG!!!

Blue Artichoke Interiors said...

I have been wanting a Swedish clock for forever. I would love to attend one of his sales. Thanks for sharing!

Kimberlee said...

Those hutches are amazing!

Candylei said...

Where?? Where does he sell in the states? Wowzers.

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