Custom Refinish - Before & After

We have a client from up north who brought us this sweet little old dresser. She wanted it painted in the vintage white and lightly distressed.
AfterI think this little dresser has alot of fun little details. The new glass hardware has not been added yet due to waiting for a sale on just the right ones! Glass knobs can run from $4.00 a piece up to $25.00 and that can add up when you are putting two on each side of each drawer. Mike will drill the holes and she will add her hardware once she has found them. I hope that she will send me after pictures once it is settled in its new room!

I think the little legs are just perfect. They allow for just enough space to barely view the floor beneath which I think provides for extra depth.
Thank you Nancy! We hope you are happy with the refinish and look forward to the armoire coming next!

Mike has been painting our kitchen cupboards as we prepare to meet with our realtor this weekend. He has also been prepping a custom refinish of a buffet to be painted a light blue as requested by a new client. Also up we have a few antique dressers. We had planned to do a big pick up last night of a bedroom set and another antique dresser but ended up in instacare with our little one. Go away flu bugs! And stay away.


Lindsay Logic said...

This turned out really cute! I love the glass knobs- I'm trying to justify them for my bathroom vanity, but I know they'd set me back a pretty penny! (They're pretty though)

CnR said...

I'd like to know the color you used for your walls.

TidyMom said...

too cute! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

★All Thingz Related★ said...

It's great!
Thanks for sharing @ Anything Related!

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