The Gardner Hutch

Have you heard me talk about my hutch? My beautiful treasure?
It keeps popping up on our refinish list! And it keeps staying there because we are super busy.
Here is a sneak peak!

Check it out! I love this thing! Isnt it a beauty! Plus it is in near perfect condition.

Should we . . .

White or black. Black or white?
I can picture both in my mind.

I am leaning towards white with distressing and maybe some glaze.
Which then leads to doing the table and chair in the same finish.

AND . . .

recovering our chair seats A G A I N.

I don't think Mike has realized this part yet.
We just did it this past summer.
But that is okay right?!
And speaking of Mike - he is just about completed with another black dresser
we just picked up one of those ever so popular chunky dressers with a cute night table.
Stay tuned!


Cassi said...

I just love everything you guys do! I put a link to your blog on my blog because I just get so excited to come visit and see what you guys have done! If I could I would buy almost everything!! Where do you find all your fabulous furniture and how much do you charge for a custom refinish? Just curious... because I have a really cute rocking chair that i love but it needs work...

Lindsay-Weaver said...

This would be so cute painted Kwal Howell's "walrus tusk" with "Van Dyke Brown" glaze. Just my two cents! :)

I love visiting your blog, so much fun!

Jill said...

I think you need to do white, Mel.

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