Round Distressed Coffee Table

Table Dimensions:
38" Wide . 18" Tall
I hunted and hunted for a round coffee table. And when I found it I felt like I had found a treasure! Silly I know. But when I locate something that I am specifically looking for - gosh I feel smart. Again silly I know.

So now I am currently housing a square black coffee table and a round black coffee table (both of them are listed at $125) and I cannot decide which one to keep. So - I will keep which ever one is not purchased first. Easy decision because there is no decision.

This is a really chunky piece.
We have painted it black and distressed it. We have coated it with polyurathane for extra durability. I love the rounded pillar and four legs that this table rests on. It certainly catches your eye when you glance into a room. Because the legs rest right under the table instead of on the outer edges it opens up the surrounding floor and provides additional space.

And thus, I am interested to see if i am going to have a this round table or the square one in my family room!

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