The Faith Bed

This is the Faith Bed and it has been sold to myself! I have a little girl who is two and I searched and searched for a tall headboard and footboard for a full bed. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had found it and here it is! If you look closely on the sides of the bed you can see the ugly blue rails! But we need those to keep her IN the bed especially because as it turns out the height of the bed is 37 inches! Which is quite high for a two year old. When she wakes in the morning she yells for me to come and get her out! Which is a good thing. But can you imagine how many talks I have had with her about NOT jumping on the bed. Too many to count. I think she learned a lesson last week when she nipped her nose doing just what I told her not to do! Plus we have taken her little chairs out of the room so she can't sneak up on there when we don't know!
This bed was a cream color so we painted it a swiss coffee white to match the Faith dresser. I am still debating what to do with her nightstands. They were my grandmothers and so we may put new tops on them to give them more of a detailed look or I may use one of hers and bring in different small antique dresser that I picked up on Friday. I really like uncoordinated furniture! I may paint them red if I can pick out a good red! I think colored paints can be hard to pick out but I know I have enough white in there so we need to bring in some colors. Wish me luck. We are working on a few other projects so it may be a couple of weeks before her room is really complete! Plus I have some ideas of picture frames I may want to use in there. We will see.

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