The Easton Dresser - Before & After


70" Wide . 34" Tall . 19" Deep


Another beautiful black dresser. Black seems to be the color of choice. I have received several emails from you wanting to redo your own pieces in black. So how can we put the black paint away when it seems to be what everyone wants.

I love this the Broyhill dresser. It is the same as the Faith dresser that we did in white. When we first got the dresser I had planned to do it in the carmel color but I did not know if the sand throughs would pop enough so we went with the black paint. I am looking for an older vintage style dresser in a deep chocolate finish to paint in the carmel color.

This dresser has seven drawers and a door with two additional drawers behind it. It is solid wood and has a clean finished look to it. I love the knobs and pulls we put on this one. They are different from the ones that we have already used. So many of you are picking up pieces like this for your flat screen t.v.s and this would be a beautiful one to use for just that. I am not kidding when I tell my husband "I want to keep this one" every time we finish a project. And he says to me "where will you put it" and then that is the end of the conversation. It is the same every time.
We also finished a black vintage end table and a black framed mirror. Don't worry - I told Mike I wanted to keep those as well and you know what he said. I plan to get pictures of that one shortly and up here as well. It would go great with the Broyhill coffee table that we refinished earlier this month.

I am also going to highlight a refinish that we have recently done. But I cannot talk about it yet. Mums the word. But I am super excited about it.
Happy Holidays everyone!

We love hearing from you. Please keep letting us know the things are you interested in! I have so many new friends!


Leslie said...

OH it turned out so good. The knobs look so good on it. You can't go wrong with a Broyhill dresser!

Jill said...

I love the knobs too...

mle said...

I LOVE the drawer pulls you added to this piece!! & distressed black is always awesome : )

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