I Found It!

I found the full bed I have been looking for and it only took about eight weeks!!!

I am still a bit unsure what color to paint it. Of course white is always an option. This piece is going to take a bit of work because the paint is chipping off of it.
Not flaking, but chipping.
It looks like it was never primed so hopefully a good scrub down
and a couple coats of primer and it will be
ready to be painted.
We still need to determine what to do with the nightstands.
Which ones to use and what color to paint those.
I will be glad to have Faith's room done. It has
been in the making since this summer.
And well, that is just way too long!

A few other things I am looking for . . .
a desk with file drawers for Mike
a wooden toy box for Faith.

Things Mike is working on . . .
an antique waterfall buffet,
a dresser,
a pedestal coffee table (for me!),
another hutch is waiting in the wings.

Things are super busy and we are heading out of town for the Thanksgiving weekend.
One thing is for certain, Mike needs a good break!
But I will be anxious to get back to our projects.

I love this festive Norman Rockwell painting. My grandma had this hung above her dining room table and I looked at it often. To me it represents the importance of family and good friends. It is a celebration of reconnection around a table filled with aromas of home cooked food and laughter from those we love.

Enjoy your day!

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Jill said...

Love your stuff and Lobe Verna's pic.

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